The primary cast. Whatever else Harbourmaster is about, it's about these two dealing with each other and the circumstances that dropped them in one another's way.

Thalassa Gilou
Aquaan, Harbourmaster
b. AU2160, Tethys
Gilou is one of those people who is absolutely certain who she is and her place in the universe. She is confidant, often to the point of arrogance, and impossible to intimidate or sway from her goals, even if the only plan is waiting or the only goal is baking a pie. She sometimes tries to play head games but isn't much good at it, having all the subtlety of a hammer. By human terms, Gilou can be a bit single-minded and occasionally tempermental, which by Aquaan terms is obsessive and hot-headed. She finds these traits embarrassing and tries to supress them.

Gilou volunteers two nights a week at the hospital to keep up her medical training and for official experience, and spends the rest of her time divided between her certification medical studies, whatever biology homework Zefonith sends her, learning the administration of Tethys, and the occasional date. She takes great pride and pleasure in her cooking, and will feed people at the slightest provocation. She doesn't date as much as she'd like due to time constraints.

Gilou was born under mildly unusual circumstances - while both Partasah and Nephos wanted a child, being an Aquaan and a human respectively, they were genetically incompatible. Gilou is a variant clone of Partasah's, gestated in his womb, and was later born in the usual way. Despite being raised almost exclusively around humans for the first half of her life, Gilou considers and deports herself as an Aquaan.

At sixteen, Gilou got the details of the Thalassa feud and sided with Zefonith. She ran away from the Lighthouse to live on the Plutonia. While there, she worked as Zefonith's assistant, basically receiving a great deal of practical medical training, though unofficially. After Partasah died, the feud was considered over, and Gilou came back to the Lighthouse. When Tal refused to step down and let her take over as governor, she accepted his counter-offer and became his assistant.
First Appearance (child): 007: Drowning VII
First Appearance (adult): 016: Passage IX


Tal Monteblanc ( Bretnon Falstoph Perius Tallifens Monteblanc LVII )
Human, Governor of Port Tethys
b. AU2146, Veras
Tal is quiet and reserved, preferring to drift at the edges of the city's life, close enough to keep an eye on it but not actively participating. It's generally known that he's not aloof, just shy. Which is an odd trait in a politician, but what the Tethyns want in a governor is someone who runs a good budget and leaves them alone to get on with their jobs, so it works out.

Off-hours, Tal can generally be found reading, with a cup of tea. He's a bit of a language and history hobbyist and prefers non-fiction. His idea of excitement is opera. He is also an avid follower of various reality science space exploration shows.

Tal's life prior to coming to Tethys is mostly unknown. He comes from an aristocratic Veran family who run a successful shipping and trading business and was being groomed to take it over some day. Instead, he accepted a job offer from Partasah to govern Tethys. Twenty-one years later and Tal's still on Tethys, which doesn't please his family.

In his early years on Tethys, Tal found himself not only trying to adapt to Tethys' damp climate and comparatively high gravity, but to the culture. Veras is a tight, restrictive sort of world, and Tal found he had to examine and discard a dozen different prejudices before he could function on Tethys. He's gotten over most of it.
First Appearance: 001: Drowning I