The secondary cast. Currently it's just Gilou's family.

Thalassa Nephos Caliga
Human, supersoldier ( retired )
b. AU2047, Garden
Nephos is a friendly, emotionally-open pacifist who enjoys gardening and thinks that all problems should be solved with ( vegetarian ) food. Also he can kill monsters with his bare hands, but doesn't like to.

As a genetically-enhanced supersoldier, Nephos can move at blinding speed for short bursts and has a regeneration factor. His combat skills have deteriorated significantly over time, though he does still practice hand-to-hand sparring with Jendolyn.

Nephos had been born on Garden and raised in a commune of back-to-the-land movement types. As such, he doesn't start appearing in the public record until AU2068 - when the Yogzarthu War broke out and Nephos found himself drafted into the Tharin military. Due to his temperament, Nephos found himself in the supersoldier program. This is where he first encountered Partasah.

After the war was officially declared over, Nephos found himself adrift. Partasah tracked him down, whereupon they got married and moved to Tethys.

While sharing no genetics with Gilou, Nephos is very much her father.
First Appearance: 002: Drowning II


Thalassa Partasah
Aquaan, former governor/harbourmaster of Port Tethys
b. AU1980 - d. AU2187, Tethys
Partasah was cheerfully argumentative, almost passively manipulative, and firmly believed that he knew what was best for everybody.

Partasah left Tethys for Thari to pursue his anthropology studies. When the Yogzarthu War broke out, he teamed up with Rejene Ri'el and Ama Zaha to start the supersoldier program. Partasah's task was psychology, weeding out the hot-headed, trigger-happy applicants. He did this in part by goading people and failing anyone who took a swing at him.

After the war, Partasah tracked down and married Nephos. He returned to Tethys changed. He got into a violent argument with Zefonith and Alu, with the outcome that he took over as governor of Tethys and banished his family from the city.

While both Partasah and Nephos wanted children, the fact that they were different species made ordinary procreation impossible. Partasah ended up using his minor bioengineering skills to create a varient clone of himself, which he implanted and gestated in the usual way. Partasah always considered Gilou his birth-child rather than his clone.

Wanting to spend more time with Nephos and Gilou, Partasah advertised for someone to take over as the governor of Tethys while he retained the lighter duties of the harbourmaster. He got Tal.

Partasah developed a condition that made him age too quickly, and refused to get it treated. After his death, the general exile on his family was lifted, and Gilou and Zefonith returned to Port Tethys.
First Appearance: 004: Drowning IV


Thalassa Zefonith
Aquaan, bioengineer, practicioner of a half-dozen medical diciplines
b. AU1846, Earth
Zefonith is prideful, argumentative, and deeply loyal to his family and his species. He is a brilliant bioengineer, to the point of being considered a miracle worker. He likes big hats and has a thing for redheads.

His preferred skillset is bioengineering, but Zefonith is also a highly-skilled doctor and surgeon. He is the only Aquaan scientist of his caliber to be a free agent, rather than under contract to one government or another.

Zefonith spent much of his life working with the explorer Jethin Basaday as his science officer/chief medical officer. When Jethin settled on Tethys, Zefonith settled with him, taking on the duties of governor so that Jethin would be free to explore. Zefonith basically raised Jendolyn Basaday for the first few years of her life. They've drifted apart somewhat since then, but are still friends.

He is Partasah and Alu's birth-parent, and he is quite close to his grandchild Gilou. Zefonith and Nephos don't like each other much, and have a bit of an uneasy truce going, tolerating each other for the sake of family.
First Appearance: 016: Passage IX