Harbourmaster Cast

Assorted people living on Tethys, important to the overall story or not.

Thalassa Alu
Aquaan, former governor of Port Tethys
b. AU1942, Tethys
Alu was the governor of Tethys for decades, after Zefonith gave up the post. She governed until the end of the Yogzarthu War, when Partasah returned and ousted her. Since then she has pretty much vanished from the face of civilisation and admits she'd rather not return. She claims to have undergone a procedure that makes her beyond Aquaan.

Alu had been trained as a botanist. More recently she's taken up biology, specialising in animal cellular regeneration.

She is Zefonith's oldest child and Partasah's older sibling ( by a different donor parent. ) Her donor parent is Eirat Antaura. Alu has a paternal twin out there somewhere.
First Appearance: 258: Determined I


Anthemys Monteblanc
Human, painter
b. AU2158, Veras
Anthemys is taciturn and asocial and rarely deals with people who are not her brother or her models. She is very bitter, very angry, in part because she's convinced herself that nobody would care about her problems if she told them. Partasah and Nephos tried to make up for the bad parenting she experienced on Veras but weren't able to undo all the damage.

She is a painter of excellent technical skill but little creativity, the type who will never be famous, but also doesn't care. Her favourite subject is male nudes.

Anthemys is Tal's younger sister. They live together, but both being fairly private people, tend to stay out of one another's way.
First Appearance: 008: Passage I


Human, art model
b. AU2138, Tethys
Balak started out as an art student but soon found he preferred to be on the other side of the classroom. He still sketches to keep his hand in but his true art is modelling. He's extremely gregarious and can easily chatter his way through a three-hour modelling session.

He's a gene-mod addict, forever buying alterations to his DNA. The only things he's kept are his sex and his hair - little else about his appearance was what he was born with. He jokes that he started early - he's a variant clone of his mother.

Balak is one of Anthemys' regular models. He thinks she should get out more but he tries not to be pushy about it.
First Appearance: 177: Liens Familiaux I


Euphausia Elaas Glory
Human, marine biologist ( carcinologist, ) currently serving as Port Tethys' marine environmental officer
b. AU2151, Glory
Euphausia doesn't plan on staying on Tethys too long - she's just here because it'll look good on her resume when she goes to find a job that pays buckets of money. Until then, she's enjoying the challenge that only a planet where everything wants to eat you can bring. She knows her way around marine life and doesn't take unnecessary risks. Her tattoos are something like a striped marlin would have.

Her main science project while on Tethys is studying the corals growing in the Bay of Tiamat. One might find that dull on a planet with leviathans and electric sharks, but other scientists have already studied the flashy creatures, and the corals are unusual.

Euphausia grew up on the water planet Glory, the daughter of two marine biologists. She was nine years old before she stood on solid land. She currently lives on a small houseboat named the Agent of Fortune.
First Appearance: 030: Passage XXIII


Far Sight ( Clipper )
Entomorph Hunter, timber officer
b. AU?, Tethys
As a timber officer, it's Far Sight's job to tag trees for harvesting and to trim the branches, hence the nickname 'Clipper'. She has dreams of space travel, but for now satisfies those urges with watching exploration documentaries.

While Far Sight's exact age is unknown to the humans, she was a subimago in AU2166. At the time, she was known as 'Fleet'.
First Appearance: 188: A Picnic In The Shrine IV

H. Javin Aubergine
Human, local media, public nuisance
b. AU1918, Earth
Javin has been banned from publishing on twelve planets and banned outright on four for generally reporting on everything, especially scandalous and/or embarrassing things people didn't want him to report. He is pretty much the entire media of Port Tethys, reporting news, creating promotional materials, and general blogging. He commits nuisance crimes just to get arrested because he claims it's good for his image. Despite this, he is the unofficial third-in-command of Port Tethys, behind the governor and the harbourmaster.

Javin had originally come to Tethys on vacation, and seeing the scathing reviews he had written about it, Partasah offered to hire him so he'd have someone to argue with. He's eased up on the scandal reporting, if only because Partasah used to laugh it off and Tal never does anything worth gossiping about.
First Appearance: 030: Passage XXIII

Haj Gellen
Human, merchant
b. AU2160, Tethys
Mostly he's the guy who runs the wilderness equipment rental place. Haj enjoys camping and tromping around the forests, and advertises that he tests all the equipment before he rents it out.
First Appearance: 058: Hunters XII

Jaeth Delrio
Human, bartender
b. AU2130, Thari
The owner of the Four Winds Bar. He does his own brewing and his primary goal is trying to make a wine out of Tethyn seaweed that doesn't taste awful.
First Appearance: 101: Mercury I

Jendolyn Basaday
Human, Security chief of Port Tethys, former supersoldier
b. AU2042, Earth
Jendolyn has seen it all before and wasn't impressed the first time. She's something of a pessimistic optimist - she firmly believes that people could be better if they'd just put the effort in, but doesn't think they will. She's the kind of person who will work twenty-two hours a day if not stopped, so fortunately she's found a girlfriend who will put her foot down and make Jendolyn take care of herself. She works the night shift.

Jendolyn was part of the Veteran program during the Yogzarthu War, leaving her with enhanced strength and a regenerative factor. Like all Veterans, Jendolyn is a pacifist with a very slow temper. She has kept up her combat training to a degree and often spars with Nephos - the only person on Tethys she can hit without worrying she'll break him.

Jendolyn's parents died in an accident when she was two years old. She ended up in the custody of her grandfather, Jethin Basaday, though for the first few years her primary caregiver was Jethin's friend Thalassa Zefonith. Once Jendolyn was old enough to keep up with Jethin, he took over the parenting duties. Jendolyn may have picked up her rather black and white views of morality and personal responsibility from Zefonith.

Since Tethys has very little in the way of infrastructure, when Jendolyn was older she moved to Thari to pursue higher education and ended up studying forensic sciences. She had been working as a crime lab technician when the Yogzarthu War began. She joined the Tharin military and ended up in the supersoldier program, where she first encountered Partasah and Nephos.

After the war, Jendolyn moved to Durga and worked law enforcement there for a few decades. She ended up in a corrupt system, left in disgust, and returned home to Tethys to decide what to do next. She found that Partasah had taken over the city, banishing Zefonith, but Zefonith told her that it was strictly blood-family business and not to take action.
First Appearance: 030: Passage XXIII


Kalla Arjenn
Human, sculptor
b. AU2101, Miranda
Kalla is known, in order, for being a brilliant artist, for his short temper, and for his inability to do anything halfway. He is an unsubtle man who will always choose a big gesture over a small one. He teaches general art and sculpting, mostly to offworlders who come to learn from a master, but also to the locals.

Kalla is married to Vaasen. Kalla and Vaasen credit each other with their success. While Kalla wasn't unknown before Tethyn Venus, that was the piece that made him famous.
First Mentioned: 177: Liens Familiaux I
First Appearance: 510: Week One XXX

Human, chip shop owner/operator
b. AU?, Tethys
Kere's is a small deep-fried seafood take-out shop near the Lighthouse. Kere and Nephos have a not-even-slightly-serious rivalry, since Partasah would go to Kere's shop whenever he was craving non-vegetarian fare.
Shop First Seen: 252: Priorities I
First Appearance: 284: Founder's Day XII

Lightfoot ( Twinkletoes )
Entomorph Hunter, tour guide
b. AU?, Tethys
An extrovert who spends most of her time in Port Tethys. She's considered flighty and impulsive by her kin, and likes humans even though she doesn't always understand them.
First Appearance: 043: Tourist Dispute I

Morisha Tholne
Human, farmer
b. AU2169, Veras
Morisha works on a farm on the south-west edge of Port Tethys with his blood-brother ( it's complicated ) and sister-in-law. He's mostly concerned with the livestock side of things, maintaining a small blorp herd. He has a large dog named Duchess.
First Appearance: 133: With More, With Less VII

Rainwater Son Of Skyvoice Son Of Cloudminder
Human, teacher
b. AU2096, Demeter
Generally just called 'Rain'. Moved to Tethys twenty years ago with his husband because he was fed up with Demeter. Rain is a teacher by trade. With Port Tethys' fixed population and subsequent low numbers of children and lack of formal education system, Rain fills a tutor role, augmenting the homeschooling the children of Tethys get.

Rain is casually anti-authority, including his own, and encourages his charges to call him out if he gets something wrong. After all, he doesn't know everything. Tethyn parents generally like this 'ask questions, do your own research' approach, except when their offspring come up with presentations with names like 'Why I Should Be Allowed To Eat Nothing But Cookies'.

He is married to a man named Drift. Rain tutored Gilou and Anthemys when they were children and remains a family friend of the Thalassas and Monteblancs.
First Appearance: 281: Founder's Day IX


River Rhodes
Human, water taxi driver
b. AU2127, Tethys
River had been one of the local water taxi drivers in AU2166. Her boat was named River Roads. It is unknown whether she was born with the perfect name for a water taxi driver or if she changed it.
First Appearance: 104: Mercury IV

Saunda Mivvi
Human, sculptor/art model/event planner
b. AU2147, Tethys
Generally considered to be a hurricane in human form, Saunda is one of those people who seems to determined to pack three lifetimes worth of living into one. The only time she holds still is when she's modelling for other artists or students. Her other artform is found-object sculpture, which tends to mean building sea creatures out of shells or other sea detritus. She also does a lot of the party planning for the many Tethyn holidays.

Officer Mivvi is her brother.
First Mentioned: 177: Liens Familiaux I
First Appearance: 510: Week One XXX

Human, dancer (tourist season), carpenter (off-season)
b. AU2115, Durga
Suze is high-strung and quick-tempered, but she cools down just as fast. She is extremely possessive and protective of her girlfriend Jendolyn, and is one of the few people not intimidated by Jendolyn's strength, rank, or past.

After a string of terrible relationships, Suze moved in with a friend on Tethys ( Saunda Mivvi ) to recuperate. Since then, she was introduced to Jendolyn and the two have been dating for several months. It seems to be working - Jendolyn gives Suze stability and won't participate in drama, and Suze makes sure Jendolyn looks after herself.
First Appearance: 073: Hunters XXVII


Entomorph Hunter, subimago
b. AU?, Tethys
Impulsive, often sulky, questioning her elders, Swift is an example of teenagers being teenagers regardless of phylum. She is currently being mentored by Twomoon.
First Appearance: 127: With More, With Less I

Entomorph Hunter, hunter
b. AU?, Tethys
While generally polite and helpful, Tangle is too busy doing her job to bother with the series.
First Appearance: 047: Hunters I

Twomoon ( Jewel )
Entomorph Hunter, hunter
b. AU?, Tethys
Twomoon divides her time between the Hive and Port Tethys. She has a bit of a love/hate relationship with humanity, feeling drawn to them but recognising the threat they pose to her people. Currently she is mentoring Swift, whom she is very protective of.
First Appearance: 127:

Vaasen Arjenn
Human, art model
b. AU2094, Tethys
Vaasen is known to the population at large for her abundant red hair and ample figure and to artists for her ability to tirelessly hold dynamic poses. She sometimes misses travelling to other worlds to pose, but does enjoy that she's so in-demand that these days artists will come to her. She does art class modelling as well as working for established artists.

She is married to Kalla. Vaasen and Kalla credit each other with their success. While Vaasen wasn't unknown before Tethyn Venus, that was the piece that made her famous.
First Appearance: 510: Week One XXX

Port Tethys Security
There are nine security officers working three shifts - Day, Evening, and Night.

Clearlake Daughter Of Sunspire Daughter Of Deepwater
Human, security officer
b. AU2144, Demeter
Generally just called 'Lake'. Day shift. Only on Tethys for a year as part of an exchange program. She's by-the-book, mildly paranoid, doesn't like ambiguity, and tends to assume the worst in people.
First Appearance: 050: Hunters IV

Gleaming Blade ( Tiddlywink )
Entomorph Hunter, security officer
b. AU?, Tethys
Evening shift. She is a very thorough investigator who documents absolutely everything, so Jendolyn is willing to overlook the snark. Gleaming Blade wasn't hired to interact with the public anyway. She's there to comb over crime scenes, trail suspicious characters, and scare the crime out of n'er-do-wells by dropping on them out of nowhere.

Tal had originally been worried about hiring an entomorph as a security officer - what if criminals didn't take her seriously? Until Jendolyn pointed out that demonstrating respect for the entomorphs would go a lot farther in getting the rest of humankind to respect them than coddling them would.
First Appearance: 288: Founder's Day XVI
First Speaking Appearance: 378: Pulp XXII

Mehhit Zrina
Human, security officer
b. AU2136, Tethys
The day shift supervisor. She prefers to be out on the streets, keeping an eye on things. She has a phobia of deep water.
First Appearance: 069: Hunters XXIII


Rithcha Mivvi
Human, security officer
b. AU2151, Tethys
One of those people who goes by his last name even in casual situations ( which is a bit confusing because 'Mivvi' is the most common surname on Tethys. ) Day shift. He's the one usually on desk duty or otherwise talking to civilians, since he's the most sociable one on his shift. His tattoos have some sort of significance to him, but I don't know what it is. Saunda is his sister.
First Appearance: 049: Hunters III

Human, security officer
b. AU21??, Tethys
Evening shift. Crack shot. Tasanee is a parth clone of Malli, though as usual in such situations is just treated as her daughter.
First Appearance: 288: Founder's Day XVI
First Speaking Appearance: 398: Pulp XLII

The crew of the Plutonia
At any given time, there tend to be around twenty assorted sailors and lab assistants working on the Plutonia. Most are simply hired in the usual way, but some are working off debts to Zefonith. Zefonith also insists on red hair on his human crew, for his own Zefonithish reasons.

Bala: Was around in AU2166 and is still here in AU2187, so he must really like working here. Apparently all his clothes look the same.
First Appearance: 107: Mercury VII

The Captain: All of the Plutonia's captains are only known as 'Captain'. This is the current one. She is brassy, self-confidant, and likes to pretend she's a pirate. She's having a fling with Zefonith, possibly based on their mutual appreciation of large hats. She has a pet tist named Polly.
First Appearance: 149: Disputed Territory VII

Carri Wada: Joined the crew in AU2187. She's a nurse boosting her resume by working for Zefonith. She and Gilou have a friends-with-benefits thing going on.
First Appearance: 100: In Which The Main Characters Are Damp V

Gabri: Was around in AU2166, working in the lab. Zefonith repaired Gabri's spinal cord after an accident had paralysed him. After four years, Gabri paid off his debt and returned to his life on Thari as a forensic scientist.
First Appearance: 101: Mercury I

( Green ): Was around in AU2166. Mostly just along for the ride. She earned her keep by fishing and scouting.
First Appearance: 107: Mercury VII

Hacha: Was around in AU2166. A young Tethys native excited to be working on the big boat.
First Appearance: 107: Mercury VII

Sepiella 'Sepi' Cyanea Glory: A bioengineer apprenticing herself to Zefonith. She's a friend of Gilou's. Her stripes aren't tattoos but chromatophores of her own design, and they change colour.
First Appearance: 198: Colour-Change Stripes I

Wind Claw ( Garnet ): Not sure what her backstory is, but she's got a name.
First Appearance: 159: Disputed Territory XVII

Windy: She's a hired sailor. Her specialty is sailboats but thought it would be interesting to expand her skillset on a large, powered craft.
First Appearance: 092: Pulp: Prologue I

Assorted crewmembers without names:


Other Entomorphs
Spend any time on Tethys and you will encounter entomorphs. Here are a few that appeared but don't have backstories.