Harbourmaster Cast

Characters who were mentioned, are plot-relevant, but have not yet appeared in the comic.

Eirat Antaura
Aquaan, general field researcher
Antaura had been on the expedition that founded Port Tethys. Soon after that, he and Zefonith had a messy break-up and Antaura refuses to have anything to do with him.
He is Alu's donor parent.
First Mentioned: 444: And Earthly Things Be Done V

Balthezar 'Zar' Palti
Human, marine biologist
The previous marine environmental officer for Port Tethys. Zar had an obsession with super-predators and died of a shark attack in AU2181 while exploring the reefs around the Sons of Tiamat islands. He was replaced by Euphausia Elaas Glory.
First Mentioned: 298: Trophic Paths VI