Harbourmaster Cast

Various NPCs who showed up for an arc or two and got lines but aren't quite important enough to be filed as proper recurring characters. Characters: Give them a line and they'll insist on backstory, even if it never appears in the comic.

Anfre Sovi
Human, developer
A Mirandan with ideas. Big ideas that will benefit you, if you'd just listen. Less actively malicious, more convinced he's right and you're just stubborn.
First Appearance: 144: Disputed Territory II

Captain Ekkapi
Human, independant cargo ship captain
Born to a wealthy Durgan family, Ekkapi grew bored living the easy life with everything handed to her. She won her tub of a cargo ship in a poker game.
First Appearance: 061: Hunters XV

Human, tourist
An Anuket-worshipping farmboy from Our Green Lady. The things he most wanted to see on Tethys were the giant crocodiles.
First Appearance: 062: Hunters XVI

Human, tourist
A linguist from Thari. Mai's an assistant to some archaeologist, doing his fieldwork going to different planets to catalogue their Qohathoth monuments.
First Appearance: 062: Hunters XVI

Human, tourist
A tourist from Demeter. She has at least two children. She is very protective of them.
First Appearance: 043: Tourist Dispute I

Phaedin Heeli
Human, silk merchant
He's from Erda. Technically he's a travelling salesman who works for a company that creates silk fabrics for sale to garment manufacturers, but 'silk merchant' sounds fancier. He's a bit of a ham.
First Appearance: 230: Etymology I

Rinjin Halik
Human, tourist
A mechanical engineer from Durga. Good with machines, bad with people.
First Appearance: 062: Hunters XVI