Harbourmaster Cast

The followers of Kema and its philosophies.

Hurmiz the Varied
Kema's prize spawn, carefully raised on Kema's philosophies. While Kema takes great pride in Hurmiz, what Hurmiz really wants is parental love.
First Appearance: 454: And Earthly Things Be Done XV

Kema the Myriad
Yogzarthu, philsopher
A rogue Yogzarthu with radical ideas about self-control, cooperation, and birth control - it thinks they're good ideas. Kema is fascinated by humanity and the various concepts that they have and Yogzarthu don't. It is also terrified of humans, convinced that it and its people would be killed if humans knew it existed.
First Appearance: 454: And Earthly Things Be Done XV

Sha'andath the Few
Sha'andath is a telepath - it was given access to Ri'el and Zaha's research on inducing psychic abilities in humans and adapted them to itself. Sha'andath is much better at reception than projection. Despite this power, it's considered low in the Yogzarthu predatory hierarchy because it is the least adept shapeshifter of the Kemites, preferring to focus on developing its mental rather than physical abilities.

Sha'andath is one of Ytemmi's spawn.
First Appearance: 459: And Earthly Things Be Done XX

Ytemmi the Host
The oldest of the Kemites. Ytemmi was close to giving up on life when Kema found it and instilled it with new purpose.

It is very proud of its coral. Coral takes effort.
First Appearance: 454: And Earthly Things Be Done XV