About Harbourmaster
~ We're sorry we couldn't wait for you to evolve. We've been so lonely - in all our travels, your species is the only one that looked to have the potential for civilisation. The galaxy is yours this cycle - care for it. All our love, the Qohathoth. ~

Two thousand years ago, humanity started to colonise the galaxy. Two centuries later, they encountered one very lost Aquaan colony ship, the first aliens they'd ever met. Harbourmaster has spaceships and genetic engineering and aliens, but mostly it's about evolution and love.

Harbourmaster is a science fiction comic that can probably be directly blamed on Theodore Sturgeon's Venus Plus X. That said, it's not Venus Plus X: The Graphic Novel, though it does have hermaphrodites. And when we say 'love', we don't usually mean 'romance'. Mostly it's about Gilou and Tal.

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There is a timeline of events, if you want to see things laid out chronologically.


About Undine
Undine is a fantasy comic that started with the image of a male undine running across the rooftops. It's made up as I go along, which is kind of meta given where we are. Currently on hiatus.

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About Wayward Martian Graphics
This is the second incarnation of Wayward Martian Graphics. The first lasted from 2001-2002 and involved a superhero comic Wayward came up with in high school. Currently it's the general banner for all of Wayward's art, though still primarily comics.


About Wayward
Wayward draws the pictures. You looks at them. Wayward tends to refer to herself in third person or plural, for no adequately explored reason.