Morisha Tholne and Bossy. Morisha is 1.6m tall.

There are three species of similar large herbivore reptiles wandering around. All are colloquially known as blorps, due to the noises they make. However, someone speaking of a blorp tends to mean the medium-sized version that humans farm. 'Miniblorp' and 'megablorp' are used for the smaller and larger versions. Entomorphs call them 'lumpbeasts'.

Miniblorps average four metres in length, megablorps eight. Blorps tend to be about five metres long and a little over two at the highest point of the back.

Blorps and miniblorps live in small herds of six to ten family members. Megablorps are solitary. They don't have set territories, wandering wherever their grazing takes them, eating leaves, roots, berries, grass, and any other plant matter they can reach.

All blorps are skittish around entomorphs, recognising them as predators, but mammals don't set off their alarms.

Entomorphs hunt blorps by seperating one from the herd and chasing it as close to the hive as she can before moving in for the kill. Due to their size and the amount of scales and muscle to get through, while a solitary hunter can kill a blorp, it's a long, messy process to cause it enough damage.

Blorps are kept by humans for their meat and eggs. It is possible to ride one, if the rider isn't in a hurry. They are low-maintenance livestock, requiring little more than a section of forest to graze in, fenced to keep predators out, and marked to let the entomorphs know they aren't for hunting.