A drawing of a dutchman.

Dutchmen ( tethys Pseudolophiiforme hollander ) are a species of bathypelagic fish that come up into the Bay of Tiamat once a Tethys-year. Since they spend most of the time in the ocean deeps, little is known about them.

Dutchmen are a type of anglerfish. They average about two metres long, dark red-brown in colour, with two luminescent esca growing from their illicium.

The name comes from the Flying Dutchman, a legendary Earth ship. The dutchmen were named for being a mysterious glow in the sea.

The reason for their annual appearance in shallow waters is yet unknown. The current theory is that they come to the Bay to have their young in a much more food-rich environment than the deeps.

The Sealights Festival is a minor Tethyn holiday based around the arrival of the dutchmen in the Bay of Tiamat.