Forest Dragon

A forest dragon.

Forest dragons are one of the hazards of the Tethyn wilds. They are predatory reptiles, up to five metres long, something like long-legged land crocodiles. Unusually for a predator, forest dragons are heavily armoured. The entomorphs call them 'platebacks'.

Unlike many reptiles, they are not ambush predators - their size, armour, and agility make them unafraid of injury. It is very hard to deter one once it's chosen its prey. They have no fear of humans or entomorphs.

Forest dragons are not often encountered by humans, tending to live further inland. Sometimes they attack farm animals.

They are something of an entomorph delicacy - entomorphs prefer the taste of carnivore flesh and a forest dragon is a difficult kill. They are sometimes used in entomorph Last Hunt rituals.