Sea Serpents and Leviathans

A sea serpent eating a sky yellow plakky.

A species of predatory aquatic reptile. Despite the difference in size, sea serpents and leviathans are the same species - leviathans are a mutation.

Sea Serpents
The species default. They average fifteen metres in length. They are found throughout the Sea of Tiamat, as well as the coastal waters of the bight.

Serpents have few predators beyond the larger crocodilans, with whom they compete for food and territory.

Leviathans are sea serpents with a mutation that causes them to keep growing - they average thirty metres in length. They are rare - there are usually only a dozen or so of them alive at any time. They are found only around the Sons of Tiamat island chain, where the reef ecology is rich enough to support them.

Leviathans have no natural predators. Even wolf shark packs will stay clear of a full-sized leviathan.

While generally non-aggressive out in the open, leviathans are fiercely territorial. All leviathan attacks on humans have been within the Sons of Tiamat reefs. There have been six known leviathan attacks on entomorphs, either an entomorph flying too close to the surface or as part of a Last Hunt.

Port Tethys runs weekly levitathan-watching tours. While leviathans very rarely attack boats and the tour boat is designed for safety, leviathan-watching is one of many tourist activities that requires signing a waiver first.