Time and Calendars

Calendar Reform
One of the many things done during the Unification was restarting the calendar as a way of making a fresh slate. The final year of CE was 2862 CE, the next year was to AU1 ( Aro Unuecare. )

Standard Versus Planetary
Unless otherwise specified, time units are Earth Standard so as to cut down on the math and confusion when dealing with multiple worlds.

Calendars are Standardised, to a degree - all months are thirty days long, divided into six-day weeks. Leftover days are made into a short month. The number of months in a year varies by planet, as do the names of the months and the days.

Ages are always stated in Standard. A person inclined to celebrate his birthdays will celebrate it on the same day of the year of his home planet. Thus someone from a world with a long orbital period may be twenty years old though have only had ten birthdays.

When speaking of a specific planetary orbital period, it is said as [planet]-year.

- There is no Standard day length. Days are always read as [planet]-day. Saying 'day' on Tethys means a time of twenty-two hours whereas saying 'day' on Veras means a time of twenty-eight hours long.

- Entomorphs use Tethyn time, not Standard. If an entomorph says something happened a year ago, a human listener would translate that as one Tethys-year or approximately two Standard years.

Smaller Time Units
Again, are Earth Standard - an hour is the same no matter what planet you're on. Like the calendars, a day is as many hours fit in a rotation, and any leftover minutes are turned into a short hour. ( Since every timepiece is digital, this isn't as complicated as it could be. ) Still sixty minutes in an hour, sixty seconds in a minute, and they're the same minutes and seconds anywhere.

The Tethys Standard Calendar
While most planets just use [Planet] Calendar, Tethys timekeeping requires a longer title to differenciate it from the entomorph calendar.

The days of the Tethyn week are Sangarday, Tethyday, Oceday, Proteday, Randay, and Nerthday, after the four planets of the Pherkad System and the two moons of Tethys. While individual businesses have different off days so that the city is always 'on', the official weekend is Randay and Nerthday, when the main government office is closed.

The Tethys Standard Calendar is known for having the highest holiday to regular day ratio, which is entirely for the sake of tourism. The only holidays that Port Tethys actually celebrates for itself are Founder's Day and Treaty Day.

The Tethys Proper Calendar
The Tethys Calendar - or if you want to make certain your listener knows which one you mean, the Tethys Proper Calendar - is the system the entomorphs use.

It runs on a twelve Tethys-year cycle. While aware of the orbit of their planet, entomorphs are more interested in the patterns of the weather and based their calendar on that.