The tsilok-Shilau ( that is the correct capitalisation ) were a spacefaring people that existed approximately two billion years ago. Some Qohathoth monuments mention them, but no other evidence of their existence has been found. What is known:

- The name translates to 'the people of Shilau'. Shilau was their homeworld and the living body of their mother-goddess.

- They used a substance they called 'dark matter' to achieve faster-than-light travel. Dark matter was said to twist space and is thought to have been something like a less-stable version of the A-S drive.

- Tsilok-Shilau territory either overlaps or at least comes close to humanity's territory.

- The tsilok-Shilau committed racial suicide after an accident wiped out all life on Shilau, rendering the planet dead.

- The Qohathoth found Shilau, but didn't terraform it back to life, feeling such an act would be disrespectful.

The tsilok-Shilau are oddly popular among mediums, who claim that the tsilok-Shilau were a spiritually awake race. It is considered passe to have been a famous human in a past life - these days past life enthusiasts prefer to claim tsilok-Shilau past lives. Their stories are fairly consistant, but the stories have been passed around and built on for hundreds of years.