Wolf Shark

A wolf shark snapping at an entomorph.

Wolf sharks ( tethys Pseudoselachi lupus ) are one of the more deadly creatures in the Tethyn oceans. They are open ocean predators and don't tend to come into the comparatively shallow Sea of Tiamat, but when they do, they provide an extreme hazard to anyone with a boat.

Wolf sharks don't tend to grow more than three metres long. The danger of them is that they're social hunters, living in packs of fifteen to thirty animals. The social aspect is what they're named for.

They are electrogenic. While most shark-type species are able to detect the faint electric patterns of their prey, wolf sharks are able to generate electrical current and use it for everything from communication to fish herding to stunning or killing prey to knocking out the electrical systems of boats.

They will attack fishing boats. The only animals they won't attack are leviathans.

Internal diagram of a wolf shark.