Jewellery that's not in the store. Sold pieces can be duplicated depending on if we still have the componants.

Euphausia: Coral, Shell, and Swarovski on white gold-plate
Length: 42.5-48cm
This one sold before it even got online ... okay, Mom claimed it. Still.

Assorted necklaces in assorted materials
Since these were never on sale, they don't get the full modelled treatment. Mom strikes again with a three-part commission of sorts - she handed me the basic parts, I put 'em together. Details:
The blue one is dumorteirite ( the blue-black stones, ) onyx ( the black ovals, ) and blue standstone ( the dark blue rounds with tiny sparkles ) on gold-plate, 45.5cm long. This was the easiest design because I can always find a use for blue.
The copper one is Picasso jasper ( the pendant and larger rounds ) and picture jasper ( the smaller, beige rounds ) with copper-coloured pewter spacers and a copper dragonfly on antiqued copper-plate, 44.5cm long. Picasso jasper is also called red creek jasper, and either way I need to find more uses for it because it is neat.
The red and gray one is primarily apple jasper ( pendant and rounds ) and what I'm pretty sure is breccicated jasper ( the twists ) on white gold-plate, 44.5cm long. I tried a half dozen little flourishy things to add sparkle before concluding that it was happiest letting the jasper be itself.

Twilight Crazy Lace Agate, Swarovski, and glass on white gold-plate
Length: 45.5cm
Mom, again.

Zefonith: Swarovski and Glass on white gold-plate
Length: 5cm
Only the larger blue bicone is Swarovski; the small turquoise one is glass.

Tethys: Shell on white gold-plate
Length: 38-43cm
Undoubtedly on Tethys, this is a perfectly natural shade of blue for a shellcritter.

Javin: Glass on antiqued brass
Length: 19.5-22.5cm
Chunky, purple, and banned on five planets.

Tal: Hematite and Glass on gunmetal-plate
Length: 19-21cm
Crackle glass - it looks pre-broken but it isn't.