Harbourmaster Timeline

Because we have a lot of ground to cover and no attention span, Harbourmaster bounces around from present to past and back again rather than being properly chronologically linear. This just covers the stories and stuff specifically mentioned therein ( whether dates are listed or not. ) If we got into stuff that's not in the archive, you'd be wading through the birthdates of everyone's great-great-grandparents.

The story is meant to be read in the order it appears in the archives. The timeline's just to keep track.

( Tethys founded by Jethin Basaday and Thalassa Zefonith. )
- Your Master

( Humanity finally clues in that those huge dragonflies are sapient. The Entomorph Treaty is quickly drawn up. )

( The Yogzarthu announce themselves and set about trying to kill off humanity. )

- Nonsense

( The Yogzarthu War is officially over. Partasah, Nephos in tow, returns to Tethys. He, Zefonith, and Alu get into a fight that leaves Partasah the governor of Port Tethys, Zefonith banished to the sea, and Alu pretty much vanishing. )

( Gilou is born. )
- The Truce

( Tal and Anthemys move to Tethys. )
- Week One
- Life Drawing Class Aftermath
- Drowning
- Mercury
- ( Unofficial Foster ) Sibling Rivalry

- Person of Dubious Legality ( flashbacks )

( The series proper. )
- Passage
- Childhood Bedroom
- Etiquette
- Checking In On Nephos
- Tourist Dispute
- Hunters
- Nothing Unless Asked
- Lone Wolf
- Pulp: Prologue
- In Which The Main Characters Are Damp
- With More, With Less
- Disputed Territory
- Liens Familiaux
- A Picnic In The Shrine
- New Worlds With Leo And Faadiya
- Colour-Change Stripes
- Autumn Mask
- Obscured Sight and Fancy Dreams
- Storyteller
- Etymology
- Priorities
- Determined
- Founder's Day
- Trophic Paths
- Devoir Familial
- The Tools To Make The Tools
- The Enemy of my Friend is my Friend
- Only That You Try To Understand Me
- Pulp
- Sihuatl Speaks Nonsense
- Why I Can't Speak To You
- And Earthly Things Be Done
- Person of Dubious Legality
- Belonging To/With
- Moving On
- Port Facilities
- Shell Collecting
- One Deal Is What We Made
- Maison des Monteblanc